“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face."

Mike Tyson

Risk Management

Risk Based Leadership

HSE, Quality and Project Management do not stand in isolation, by exploiting the synergy of risk based management practices, organisations can become more effective and efficient through focusing on the important deliverables and objectives.

Risks are not always negative, they can be in the form of threats and opportunities and with our knowledge across Safety, Quality and Project Management we can develop robust responses with commercial acumen to plan responses appropriate to the context of your organisation and the environment within which it operates.



Benefits - Insurance Costs

Most organisations plan for risk to some extent be it through legal requirement, client demands or management direction through Insurance.

By working with our clients to integrate risk management across the organisation we can achieve immediate cost reductions through ensuring policies are fit for purpose and avoiding unnecessary policy cover

Benefits - Business Continuity

What happens if the water goes off or the lights go out?

For every $1 of direct cost incurred through an incident it is estimated that indirect costs of $4 will also be incurred. So in addition to the Moral and Legal obligations to prevent incidents, it's just good business sense to plan for when things happen.