Health, Safety and Environment

“everyone is entitled to work in environments where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled"

Health and Safety Executive



As a family oriented team with professional backgrounds in high hazard environments, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to go home as they arrived for work. Be it at a small administrative office, to a complex construction site, hazards are real and we ensure proportionate responses to control them.


We ensure compliance up to and beyond legal requirements by engaging with all levels of our clients organisation to embed best practice in a proactive manner and leave a legacy of sustainable solutions.


HSE support

We offer outsourced HSE services proportionate to the hazards faced by clients. Our mission is to develop competency within client teams and enhance safety cultures with a service that whilst considerate, is fully independent.

Our approach is to work covering both safety advice in respect to compliance to systems and legislation but also taking a multi-dimensional approach to factors such as teamwork, communication and behaviours to drive safety performance to improve safety improvement in the future not evaluate or measure what has happened in the past.

Services include:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Safe Systems of Work

  • Workplace Audits

  • Management reviews

  • Safety Committees

  • Safety Campaigns and improvement initiatives

  • Training and Competence management

  • Safety Coaching

Construction ( Design & Management ) CDM 2015 

We can support construction projects at all phases in a wide variety of environments and have acted as Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor on projects in the automotive, utilities, manufacturing sectors.

services include:

  • Notification to Health and Safety Executive where required

  • Construction phase plans

  • HSE file

  • CDM project co-ordination

  • Implementation of Safe Systems of Work

  • Training and Competence validation

  • Site Welfare & Security Management

  • Site Audits and record keeping

Statutory Maintenance

We provide a full asset care solution for all maintenance requirements... and abbreviations! including:

Provision and Use of Work Equipment - PUWER

Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment - LOLER

Pressure System Safety -  PSSR

Storage racking inspection - SEMA

Portable Appliance Testing - PAT